Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Ringling Bros Circus Experience

I took the kids to the Barnum and Bailey Circus yesterday. I was soo excited to go. Not just for the kids but also for myself. I had never been to a circus before until yesterday. It was amazzzzzing. I felt like a kid all over again...except for the part where I had to make my kids behave. hehe Note: this was one of our home school field trips. :)

The circus was at the PNC Arena in Raleigh. Guess what? Parking was $20!! That didn't make me too happy but I sucked it up and paid it. Why soo expensive? geez. I was expecting it to be maybe $10 but not $20. I was told online and by others that I could not bring my camera inside because I had interchangeable lenses. Guess what? They let people in with dslr cameras! I wished I brought mine. My phone camera isn't that great because it's two years old and the camera just doesn't function like it used to when it was brand new. So I had to suck it up again. I was also told we couldn't bring food in because they do baggage check and they'll make you throw it out before going inside. So I didn't bring any food. Guess what? Everyone else brought food. People had picnic baskets full of food. During intermission everyone around me was chowing down on their food and here I was, dealing with all the kids crying because they were hungry and thirsty. One bottle of Orange Sunkist, $5. One small burnt pretzel, $5. We shared. I also bought cotton candy because I promised them cotton candy at the circus all week...I don't like going back on my word so I sucked it up and paid $15 for one bag of cotton candy. I asked the guy why it was soo expensive and he said because it came with a free hat... I don't care about a hat! lol I made the kids share the cotton candy. This place had tables full of light up toys everywhere and the kids begged and begged for these light up toys... The ones they wanted were $25. There was nothing cheaper than $12 at those tables. I have 3 kids. Didn't do it. haha

Anyways, I didn't come here to complain I promise! I just wasn't expecting to be let down by how crazy expensive everything was! My head was hurting just looking at the prices of everything.
If you follow me on instagram I snapped a bunch of bit pieces of the show. It was soo cool! It makes me sad that this is their last tour. Micah enjoyed it the most. He was laughing and giggling almost the whole time! I think the clown scenes were his favorite because they did silly things and had the noise effects to go with it. haha It was pretty funny. I love seeing my kids happy. Ezrah loved it too! He kept poking me saying, "mom, mom, mom" and then point to the show and smile real big. It was super duper cute. Judah on the other hand surprised me because he's usually the most well behaved of the boys, considering he's the oldest. Not this time. He complained about little things through out the entire show, among other things. Other mommmas out there. You are not alone! By the time we got home I was soo tired. You know when your head is tired but your body isn't so you can't sleep? Yup. I tried sleeping but I couldn't.

On our way home I asked the boys what their favorite part was. Judah said the motorcycles in the cage and the basketball game on unicycles was his favorite. Micah loved it all! Ezrah can't form sentences yet so his favorite part sounded like this, "blakishupibabatelatshshshs" something like that. haha Anyhow, If you have this show coming somewhere near you, I suggest you go because this is your last chance! It was amazing! I think my favorite part was when all the performers were doing tricks on the horses while they were running fast in circles. It was impressive. I couldn't help but wonder, If I tried to do what they were doing, I'd fall off and be trampled in two seconds. It was really good. I was waiting for elephants to come out with the pretty girls riding them in pretty attire to come out and make a walk around, but nope. I've seen it in movies and music videos. hehe It was a really good show overall. I also like how the story line ended with the evil princess choosing to be good and join the good guys so that they could work together to make the greatest circus there ever was. If I could, I would go again. It was a great experience. :)