Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Two Days of Snow and Life Lately

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'm pretty sure this is the last of the snow we will see this year in North Carolina. I will always be a Missouri girl at heart and I love me some snow! At least it hasn't been cold at all since the first week of January. I always say, if it's going to be cold, it better be with snow. haha I'm not really sure if it's like this every year in NC, but I can't help but think it's because of global warming. I'm probably overthinking it because I'm used to MO and KS weather.

Anyways, home school has been back in full swing and I've been spending soo much time teaching and learning for myself. I've been trying different tactics to get Judah and Micah more engaged about what we're learning. My goal is to make them love learning and I want them to get excited about school. Our first semester didn't go as well as I had planned because I had this idea in my mind that if it didn't work out, I could just put Judah in real school. Then I read an article a while back. I've been trying to find it so that I could link it here but no luck. The article was from another homeschooling mother who said that if you don't give homeschooling 100% you won't succeed. If you keep the idea of, "you can put your child back in school if you feel like it's not for you" you won't succeed. That's what i've been doing. The plan was to "try" it out for a year and see where we go from there. Well that hasn't been working out too great for me. This other mother suggested we look at it as, there is no other option. If we don't teach our children and give them our best, then we are failing our children and we won't succeed with our home school. So far this semester has been going soo much better than last. I'm trying to keep it up the best I can. So pray for me! haha

I feel like I've been in this photographic rut. I have this huge passion for landscape photography, but right now in my life, there's no possible way for me to be able to travel to do what I love. I can take pictures of people every week but nothing touches my heart like being out in nature and experiencing beautiful places with breathtaking views. Even if I didn't have a camera, experiencing nature in extraordinary places nourishes your soul. It's like a connection to God and I wonder if being in those places is what it will be like in heaven.

In other news I've been doing Tone It Up! I've been eating a lot healthier than I used to and I've been working out consistently. I will admit that I have been cheating here and there. It's hard when you have kids and a husband who won't eat the same food as you. Who else wants to eat kale? I don't...but I gotta. haha I have been feeling better and I've been less tired throughout the days. I can definitely tell the difference with all of my diet changes. I've only had coke once since the new year. That's a big deal for me. We took all the kids to the movie so it was necessary. haha I went to the movies again by myself and the temptation to fill up my popcorn bucket and get a soda was strong, but I resisted. yay!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! Actually, it's up to YOU to make it GREAT!
xoxo -Cesia