Sunday, January 1, 2017

Adios 2016

Here are my most favorite memories from 2016!

  1. Keeta had puppies and Batgirl pictured above was the last pup to go. She was beautiful!
  2. It snowed enough in Kansas for us to play in it for days. I always love watching the kids play in the snow. It's my favorite!
  3. We drove an hour or two out of the way early one morning to see the sunrise at Tall Grass Prairie in Kansas. It was freezing and Evan thought it was smart to wear sandals. haha
  4. We went home for Easter and we had a big family get together with Evan's side.
  5. Judah's big 5! He wanted a Batman birthday and that's exactly what he got!
  6. We went to Mexico for a family wedding and got to visit Ixtapa for a week before leaving.
  7. Evan graduated from Airborne school in Georgia!
  8. One week before we left Kansas we went on a trip to a nearby conservation nature center. It was kind of like our last hurrah before leaving.
  9. Our last stop on our week adventure driving across the country to North Carolina. Pictured above was at a state park in West Virginia. We loved driving through there! It was soo beautiful.
  10. Our first month in North Carolina, we visited Raleigh to take the kids to the Marbles Museum. We ate at a really delicious restaurant afterwords and then went to an old historic mill. I wore the wrong shoes and my feet were hurting! But it was a great day!
  11. I started homeschooling with Judah! It was a big step for him and me!
  12. Micah's birthday! My mom, dad, and sister came for it! It was soo special!
  13. To keep the momentum going, we took the 3 hour drive to the beach for Micah's birthday! Soo beautiful. 
  14. In November I finally went to the mountains! Pictured above was an overlook overlooking Grandfather Mountain.
  15. Ezrah on his birthday! I made him a homemade cake and Judah, Micah, and Ezrah finished it within two days! It was quite an ugly cake but at least it tasted good. :)
There were soo many good memories this year but this blog post would be super long if I posted all of them.
There have been ups and downs but mostly good ups. I hope 2017 is even better. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! :)

Happy New Year everyone!