Saturday, December 24, 2016

Polar Express Train Ride

 Our Linden Oaks Community hosted an awesome Christmas party for all of the residents here and they even had a polar express train ride! They gave us these cute little train ride tickets that said, "believe" It also came with a little bell attached to it. Soo cute! 
 Inside the building they had a hot chocolate bar and a yummy sweets table. The kids loved it. I always have to remind them not to touch anything though because other people are going to eat it too. That was probably my main issue while inside. Oh and Ezrah kept running off to find more candy canes. In a different room they had the Polar Express movie playing and writing stations for all the kids to write letters to Santa! We put our address on our letters and put it in the fake mail box for Santa to write the kids back. It was pretty cool. Judah and Micah actually got their letters from Santa yesterday. Micah was indifferent to it and Judah was super excited. haha P.S. that Mexican looking guy in the background looks and sounds like Fez from that 70s show. haha
 Ezrah thought he was writing a letter to santa too...haha
 Also Papa David was in town!! He actually came for Ezrah's birthday and Christmas! :) The kids loved having him here!
 The train ride was a hit. We actually didn't know this was going on that day until we saw the train outside at the Community Lodge and decided to see what was happening. It all worked out great because my father-in-law showed up that morning so he got to experience this with us. It was also a big help having him there to help me with the kids! 😉
Today is Christmas Eve so I've been cooking all morning and I'm just now taking a break. I hope to be able to make it to church today as well. I love Christmas service! I went to walmart bright and early this morning to buy a few food items I needed to finish cooking today and everyone was soo cheery and saying "good morning! Merry Christmas!" I felt like I was in a movie where even strangers are being nice to each other. It was really nice. :) We're spending Christmas with our military family later on today and I really hope that all of you who are reading this have a great time with your friends and family today and tomorrow. God bless you!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!