Thursday, December 22, 2016

Currently in the Watkins Household Two Days Before Christmas...

I woke up very early this morning at about 4 a.m. Since everyone is on break we stayed up late watching movies. I'm going to say everyone went to bed around midnight. So we all have under 4 hours of sleep under our belt and I hear Judah wake up and he's freaking out. He had to go "pee" and was scared because all the lights were off so I had to turn on the lights for him. He sprints to the bathroom and next thing you know he's throwing up...a lot. Then he's crying and I feel soo bad and I'm at a loss of what to do because I'm sort of still sleeping and my child is sick. I give him some water and tell him to go back to bed. Then Micah immediately gets up, says he has to go but he couldn't so then he went back to bed and as soon as he laid down next to Judah he threw up all over himself and Judah. So I had to get back up, carry Micah to the bathroom trying not to get throw up on the carpet. I leave Micah in the bathroom and he's full on crying because he doesn't like to throw up. Who does?

So while i'm trying to clean up the bed and the sheets and get everything into the washer Judah and Micah are taking turns releasing fluids. I give them both showers, clean clothes, and some water to go back to bed. Well they couldn't because they didn't feel good so I stayed up with them for a little bit until they decided they were tired. I tried going back to sleep and then had to get back up for round two. By then it was already 7am so I decided to stay up and clean. I was hoping Evan would wake up soon to help me with the kids so that I could take a nap, but then when he wakes up, he's sick too. Me and Ezrah are the only ones not sick. I'm not sure if it's something we all ate or if they just caught a bug and Ezrah and I got lucky. Anyways, through out the day Micah started to feel better and hasn't vomited since this morning. Judah on the other hand got the bad end of the stick and hasn't left the bedroom all day today other than to use the restroom. I've been bringing him soup, tea, and gatorade for him to replenish but he's only been taking sips here and there and going back to sleep. Evan slept most of the day too and I think he's feeling better than he did earlier.

Anyways, I had plans for today. We were going to make Christmas cookies and home made ornaments! I was going to take pictures and everyone was going to have a jolly good time...but life happens. Last week I bought glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby by mistake and already broke two of them just trying to paint it. I had planned to have the kids put their hand prints on them but we'll just have to wait to do that and instead make our ornaments out of popsicle sticks. So fingers crossed everyone feels good enough tomorrow to enjoy making ornaments and making Christmas cookies!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and lively and I pray that none of you get sick during this time of the year! No one wants to miss out on all of the festivities and yummy food!