Friday, December 23, 2016

Ezrah is Two!

This little guy turned two December 8th! We had planned to have a party for him but we were in a car accident a few days before and it kind of threw a rock into the following weeks. We did however have a small little happy birthday singing and an awful looking cake made by me. I wanted to make a round cake and for some reason it just wasn't baking in the oven. I had it in there for over two hours and the middle of it still wouldn't bake all the way through. So I ended up just scooping out the middle. Not sure what happened there...but the kids thought it tasted good so that's all that matters!
Ezrah has grown soo much in the past two years and it's been great. His favorite thing to eat is poptarts. I personally don't like poptarts but the gilmore girl inside of me is secretly happy he does. He likes to dance a lot! You can definitely tell that he loves to hear music. He'll sometimes try to pat his lap to the beat or simple just nod his head. It's the cutest! The song that has stuck to his memory the most is the Imperial March from Star Wars. You'll hear him randomly throughout the day humming the tune. He loves to watch anything Mickey Mouse. He call is it "mickey moush." A few of his most used phrases are, "dayyee (daddy), maa (mom), bo! (no), where Micah, where udah (Judah), and stop it maa." I'm sure there are more I just think of them right now. 
To start this next phase in Ezrah's life we went to get his hair trimmed! Then he did something I didn't think he would do. He threw a fit. So while the lady is trimming his hair he started throwing his head back and forth because he wanted to get down and play with all of the other kids. The hairstylist didn't want to keep on trimming his hair with scissors because it was a safety hazard. I agreed, so she took out the clippers and cut off almost all of his hair. It was soo sad. I cried. I miss his long hair soo much! She did a good job though considering he was throwing his head the rest of the time. I had to hold him down on my chest and I seriously thought it was going to be butchered but it actually looks really good. It will grow back she said...but his curls might not. (crying face emoji insert here).
Being a mother to Ezrah has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. We've cried together, laughed together, danced together, and sang together. Giving cuddles is the best...well breastfeeding was actually the best, but cuddles and kisses is the next best thing. I can't imagine my life without this precious child in my life. I love his love of curiosity. Sometime it stresses me out, but for the most part, I admire it. I love his love of adventure and how he tries to be like his bigger brothers. Keeping up with them must be a challenge but keeping up with mommy and daddy too must be the biggest challenge. 
Oh Ezrah, how I love you. Happy Birthday little man. I'm glad I get raise you and I can't wait to see what a handsome gentleman you become. Love you. Besos.