Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Time Festivities

Warning: Picture overload to follow
 On Christmas Eve after everyone was done feeling sick, we all made Christmas Ornaments!!! I don't know why I capitalized ornaments...but I did. Anyways, those glass ornaments were out of the picture. If I can't handle not breaking them, then my kids can't either. haha So sticks it is!
 My handsome Ezrah with his new haircut!
 Evan and Judah were the only ones not to get burned by the glue gun. hehe Evan and I handled the gun and we let the kids press their pom poms on their tree and Micah, Ezrah, and I burned our fingers doing it. It wasn't that bad. haha
 I think putting on the glitter was everyone's favorite part...except for Evan's. 😜
The finished product! ^^ 😁
 The night before, we went to a house in the community that had their house all decked out for Christmas. She invited the whole community over for a tour of her winter wonderland home, nice warm hot chocolate, and delicacies.
 The lady that lives here said all of their Christmas decorations were collected over the years and they have a special holiday storage for everything. Pretty cool!
Their was loud Christmas music playing and Micah was a dancing machine! Soo funny, I wish took a video! It was great.
 We had Christmas a week early because papa David was in town and we wanted to include him in our Christmas festivities! The morning before we opened up all of our presents my father-in-law took us all to see Rogue One. They released it a day early here and the theater was almost empty. The movie was sooo sooo good! We watched it in 3D so it was even better! Judah and Micah loved it! It was all great minus having to take maybe 7 trips to the potty for the boys. They all had to go at different times you know? 😏

Anyways, here's a cute little video I made of our "Christmas morning."
The rest of the photographs below were from a few nights prior because Judah and Micah decided to tell daddy what I bought him and Evan just couldn't wait to open it since he knew what it was. He had to have it asap. πŸ˜‘ Then the kids begged to open a present too, so I let them open the smallest.
They got their watches! They've been begging for watches for a long time now and guess what? They don't even wear them anymore. I'll make them put it on, but they'll take it back off when I'm not looking. Soo sad. They enjoyed it for a good week though!
Evan has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. He's never had a good computer chair before. He's had one prior to this one that his dad bought for him a couple Christmas's ago but it broke within months because Evan likes to lean back and he's a big guy so he needed something to support his weight and soo far soo good this chair is a keeper!
We spent Christmas with our military family. We played the gift bingo game. Not sure what it's really called. The game where everyone brings a gift and then play bingo. Whoever gets bingo first gets to pick out a present and then the next person gets to either steal or pick a new present. It was a lot of fun. We also had a dessert contest and guess who won!? This girl! haha I spent the longest time on making the dessert. It's called delicias de manzana and I got the recipe from one of my mom's Spanish cooking magazines. It was really good. :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! xoxo - Cesia