Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thankgiving Homeschool Edition

 This past week me and the boys have been learning all about the the first thanksgiving and the meaning behind what Thanksgiving means. We learned about the pilgrims and the Indians. We made little pilgrim people that Ezrah or someone ended up pitching and we made little indian people that ended up getting destroyed because you know...boys. At least they played with them for a long time and that's how they were destroyed. hehe  Anyhow, can you tell which teepee ^^^ is mine?
We also made Thankful Turkey Books! Thanks to Pinterest for the idea! The boys had sooo much fun with this! I had soo much fun with this. haha Judah loved his soo much he wouldn't let go of it all day. He went around asking people to read what he was thankful for and then he would go in his room and pretend that he was reading it. It was cute and then he put it in his night stand to keep it safe.
 I wrote down what the kids were thankful for while they told me. Micah can't write yet and Judah can write, it just takes him a long time and he writes really big too soo...yea. It wouldn't have fit in this orange square and we would have been sitting for a good hour for him to write everything. :)
We read Pete the Cat the First Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving On Thursday the Magic Tree House. They really liked Pete the Cat...probably because of all the pictures and the flip ups. I really liked it too. Thanksgiving on Thursday was more detailed with few black and white pictures. There was a part in that book that talked about how kids never complained when they were told what to do and they never got tired, so for almost the rest of the day Judah and Micah were trying to be really good helpers without complaining. It was soo cute. We also read about Indians online to see how they lived and what they wore. The kids wanted to go to one of those pow wow gatherings that tourists go to but there weren't any near here. 

We would have done this lesson the week before thanksgiving like maybe this week but we took the boys to see their grandparents over the weekend and they're staying there for a few weeks. I miss them already and my house is sooo quiet. I can hear a pen drop. Anyways, it's been two days and I miss the, and it's too quiet for my liking. Did I tell you, we don't have a television anymore? Well we don't thanks to Ezrah. So it's extra quiet.

Also, I guess since we're talking about Thanksgiving I should say what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my family, near and far for always being there no matter the distance. I'm thankful for all of the military men and women who sacrifice their lives for us everyday. I am thankful for all of the policemen and firemen who also risk their lives to protect our local citizens from harm every day. I'm thankful for their families for having to endure the heartache of separation and sometimes death. So thank you to all of you and I will never stop defending you and being thankful for all that you do. ♥

I hope everyone has a great week!