Thursday, November 17, 2016

Take Me to the Mountains (Grandfather Mountain)

 Before we dropped the boys off with my parents, we took a detour through the mountains! Judah and Micah were soo excited. I've been showing them pictures all week of this place and all they could say was "wow!" every time! When we finally got to this point, the boys got out of the car and said, "woahhh!" I loved the look on their faces. It made me happy!
 Judah reminds me of my cousin Rachel in this picture! ^^ Funny how distant relatives tend to look similar. 
 I can assure you that Ezrah enjoyed the view as well, he was just upset that I wouldn't let him get close to the edge so I had Evan pick him up. Poor baby!
 Would you look at that view! This was taken at about 4:30p.m. so the sun wasn't showing much and it was really cloudy. I bet if we got there earlier we would have been able to see all the colors of the trees in the distance.
 Here is a lake we happened upon on our drive through Blue Ridge Parkway. Soo beautiful. We should have stayed there to see the sun set but I wanted to go higher up.
By the time we got here, the sun was no where in site and it literally looked like this. It looked like a sea of mountains. Soo beautiful. If I could just move there, I would in a heartbeat. Forget the ocean, lets go to the mountains!

"Oh these vast calm measureless mountain days, days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God." - John Muir