Monday, November 21, 2016

Colors of the Wind

It's been a week without Judah and Micah and I miss them like crazy. I find myself in this awful funk and I'm trying to get out of it. This one on one time I've been getting with Ezrah is fun and all...but it's just weird without Judah and Micah. I know Ezrah misses them too because he keeps asking for them. 
Since we've went to the mountains I've been getting these awful headaches and feeling nauseous. It comes and goes but It doesn't feel good when it comes back. It seems to get extra worse when we're riding in the car. Evan keeps telling me to go to the doctor and he even suggested going to the e.r. the other night because it was soo bad but I hate going to the doctor and even more to the e.r. so I didn't. I did however schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning. I was hoping these headaches and nauseousness feelings would have subsided by now but no luck. I normally would have other things to talk about but there's really not much else going on around here. I know I'm super boring but I hope these cute fall pics make up for it!

Also, I put up our Christmas lights outside...and I am the only one on my street with lights up already but I don't care. Better to do it now before it gets super cold! I also have plans to watch Gilmore Girls on Friday instead of working my butt off to make my house look Christmas pretty.
Evan took over half of these for me. Not bad not bad. Then my friend Elisa saw us and she took a couple too. I edited them.
This is me attempting to throw leaves up in the air but I like it because It looks like I'm worshiping God. ♥
Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving!