Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weening Baby Ezrah!

Ezrah will be 2 this December and...well it was time to ween. I could have kept going but who am I kidding? Ezrah is a big little guy and he's starting to talk and say words was time. For the past week I've been slowly weening him. With Judah and Micah I did it quick. Cold turkey and it hurt! So this time I didn't want my chi chi's to hurt. I decided to do it slow...and guess what? I got soo sick. I was wondering why I was soo sick and it felt like a weird kind of sickness. It was like a funk and I kept having hot flashes and I was nauseous. I started to think that maybe I was pregnant! And no, sorry guys. I am not. I found out that I got that sick because I was weening. My body is getting soo many nutrients all at once and it's just going crazy I guess. That's what I read online from baby center. Apparently a lot of other moms were having the same symptoms while weening. Who knew?
Anyways. Weening Ezrah was soo hard. I cried...a lot. Everytime he wanted chi chi he would cry and then I would cry because I didn't want this time to be the last. It was sad. I'm completely weened now and I still feel like crying when I watch him sleep. I used to put him to sleep by giving him chi chi and now I'm not. :( I just love the connection that nursing gives you and your baby, you know? It's soo special and when you have to stop, it's because you're child is growing up and you have to come to terms with your baby...not being a baby anymore. (crying face emoji insert here) For those of you that would like to know how I weened, I simply started by only feeding him twice a day and at night whenever he wanted it. Then I went down to one time a day. Then to only at night...and eventually no more. :(

Ezrah is growing up soo fast. He's already "talking" he can say shoes and he says water like "wa wa" It's soo cute. There are other words he sort of says but can't pronounce right. He says "Yaaa!!" when you ask him if he want milk or food or if he wants to watch a certain movie, etc. It's adorable! Also, his hair? It's soo blonde and curly! I never want to cut it! I know I said that with all of my boys but I really really don't want to cut his hair. I'm scared his curls won't come back If I do. Micah had curly hair too when he was Ezrah's age and after we cut it, That was it. His hair grew back in thick and straight. Judah never had curly hair. It was always fine and straight.

Right now I'm relearning to take all of this in. The age, the fits, the things that get me all wound up, the giggles, the silly dance moves, the smiles, the hugs and kisses, the way they try to express's all soo precious. I just want to live in this moment because I know that one day they're going to be all grown up and I'm going to think, "where did the time go?" It's definitely bittersweet.
As many of you know I'm living in North Carolina. Two hours from the from what I'm hearing we're supposed to get hit by the hurricane and hopefully it's minor because we are two hours away. Today was really gloomy though and the wind was rougher than usual. So we'll see. We're definitely getting rain for sure. Definitely praying for Florida and everyone who is getting hit by this hurricane coming in! Stay safe you guys! Any who I hope all of you are having a lovely night. I just wanted to stop in and tell ya'll what was going on. :) xoxo!