Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Riding Bikes and Flying Kites

 oh Micah, you are soo loved. And I must say...he looks pretty darn good in his Robin costume!
 You know, being a mother you have good days and bad days? Well while most of them are good days, I had one of those bad days this week. Nothing was going the way I had planned for it to. The boys were going crazy. I was trying to do school with Judah but he kept running away to play with Micah. When I did get him to finally sit down, Ezrah and Micah kept interrupting so I obviously try to include them in the lesson but neither one of them were having it. On top of that, a mother's house can never stay completely clean 24/7 and the kids were not helping. After school I had them help pick up all of their toys from the basement and take them to their room. After we got their room and the basement all tidy up, not 10 minutes later it looked like a tornado hit their room. I was sooo mad. They dumped out the entire toy box. Grabbed Ezrah's diaper bin and dumped out all of his diapers...every where, unmade their beds, and even managed to pull down a load of Ezrah's pants from the top shelf. It was pretty ridiculous. I was not a happy camper. Then I began to question myself, if I was doing this mom thing right. Maybe I'm doing this all wrong. Maybe I should buy some more parenting books to see what I'm doing wrong. How do these other moms have it all together? How are their kids soo smart and they're the same age as mine? Maybe I should put Judah in school next year because I'm not a good enough teacher...

Then I started to think...there's no way these other moms have it all together. There's just no way. Kids are kids and just because they have picture perfect instagrams and snaps doesn't mean they have it all together. They're just showing us what they want the world to see. Okay, they may just have nicer houses and nicer clothes on that make it look that much better, but lets be real. What they don't show are the kids throwing fits, or destroying their house, or dumping out a whole bag of chips on the carpet, or coloring the floors and the walls with permanent marker, etc. Actually, I do remember one blogger snapping about their child marking the entire wall with marker and the mother was acting all nice about it and I was way she's okay with that. She's probably screaming inside, but because her husband was recording it or whoever, she was pretending that it was funny and okay. nu-uh. not me. 

Anyways, my point is...I'm a great mother. Period. I'm doing the best I can and I'm still trying to do better and that makes me the best mom...that my kids will ever have. :) So if you're feeling down, and think that you're doing this whole thing wrong, just're kids are healthy, they laugh everyday, the cry everyday, they get to eat everyday, they have a bed to sleep in at night, and you're doing the best you can with what you have and that makes you spectacular.
 Batman and Robin were on patrol this week making sure the neighborhood was safe from the joker and harley quinn! 
 So yesterday Judah and Micah drew and colored batman and robin on two separate sheets of paper and they were running to the top of the stairs to fly them down. It was pretty great...and kind of smart I think. Even though batman and robin can't fly, they were using their imaginations pretty well. I was about to get on to them for running up and down the stairs over and over until I realized what they were doing and I let them continue with their fun. The noise was annoying at first but I started to enjoy it after I knew what they were doing. Funny how that works huh?
 Grandma Sonya got Micah this kite for his birthday and we were waiting for a good windy day to fly it.
 If we were still in Kansas I'm sure we could fly this thing everyday but, there's not a lot of wind here. So this particular day was probably one of the best days we could fly it even though we still had to run up and down the street to get it back up in the air several times.
 I know the kite is Micah but Judah was better at maneuvering it than Micah was. Every time Micah tried to get the kite up and running he would let the reel go and the kite would fall on houses or just fall down. haha He started to get it towards the end though. I say the end because that's when it was getting too hot outside and we were all tired and sweaty.
Micah's faces though! :) Anyways, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! Make it a great week ya'll!