Saturday, September 24, 2016

On Micah's Actual Birthday, We Went to the Beach

 We went to Carolina Beach for Micah's birthday with my side of the family. Micah was all for the beach until the day of. He was soo scared of the water. He thinks that if he touches the water, sharks are going to get him. We tried to explain to him over and over again that there are no sharks in the shallow water but he would not budge. Ezrah enjoyed the beach for the most part. Judah enjoyed it the most out of everyone. :)
 Here is Judah dragging Ezrah to the water. Ezrah thought it was funny. haha
 Ezrah with aunt Toni!
 I think playing with the sand was Ezrah's favorite part....
 Ezrah helping daddy cover Micah with sand! hehe
 Actually, maybe the ice-cream was Ezrah's favorite part! :)
 and Judah's
 and Micah's too. mmm
We drove two hours to get here and Micah and Ezrah didn't want anything to do with the water. I'll be honest...I was kind of disappointed. I wanted my kids to have fun and especially Micah because it was his birthday. Instead Micah cried most of the time wanting to go home because he was that afraid of sharks. We were lucky we got him to play with the sand for a little bit. At least he enjoyed his ice cream and dinner afterwards. I think he enjoyed being at the restaurant than he did at the beach. I don't understand how two of my kids don't like the beach. When I was little, I LOVED it! I never wanted to leave. Maybe when they're older they'll start to love it? Anyways, the trip was worth it. The weather was perfect. The beach view was perfect and my family enjoyed it as well. I want to come back but I'm don't want to deal with Micah crying again. He literally saw the ocean and freaked out. Any tips on how to help a now 4 year old not be afraid of the ocean? He loves swimming...just not in the ocean. :/
Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!