Thursday, September 22, 2016

Micah is Four ♥

We celebrated most of Micah's birthday on Friday. We did the food, the cake, and the presents that day. It was awesome. If I could do it all over again I would in a heart beat. My parents drove 12 hours from Missouri and my sister flew 7 hours from Seattle! Micah was definitely feeling the love! 
We went to buy Micah's cake and we let him come with us to pick it out. We got an ice cream cake of course! Then we bought a little miniature superman action figure and some superman cars to put on his cake...and I let him pick out a toy that he wanted even though we had already bought him his present...and a new superman cape because... It's his birthday! He was soo well behaved pretty much all day. Even at the store. looking back...I'm impressed. :) 
When we got home we did the cake before the food because you know, life is short. eat dessert first. :) When we started singing him happy birthday his face lit up soo bright! His expression was...the happiest moment. He was soo happy and seeing that look on his face almost made me want to cry tears of joy.  That's all a mother could ever want for their child. is for them to be completely happy and feel like he's surrounded by soo much love. and i'm sure...I know that's how Micah felt. he felt loved. 
 This soccer ball here...we've had it for a couple of months now, but Judah wanted to wrap it up for Micah so we let him. When Micah opened it, he acted like it was a brand new present! haha it made me laugh. Hey, maybe he did think it was new! hah!
Micah received presents from everyone but I think the bike Evan and I got him was his favorite! My parents bought him his Robin costume and Toni got him star wars nerf guns...which they used all night shooting each other until I had to take them away because someone didn't listen to the rules about not shooting at the face. And their grandma Sonya sent a batman kite that we got to fly today! The rest of the night Micah kept telling me how much he liked all of his presents. Even while I was scratching his back to sleep he whispered it to me before he passed out, "mom, I love my presents." Which I took as a he loves us and a thank you. :)

Now a little video for you! Don't get offended when you see me smash Micah's face into the cake because it's Mexican tradition!! Also, there in the beginning, I was talking to my sister because she accidentally stepped in front of the camera. She didn't know I was recording! And finally, I chose this song because we've all been dancing and listening to it pretty much all weekend! It has a great beat to it! :) It's called This Girl by Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners.