Sunday, September 11, 2016

Home School Week 3 & 4

Week three of home schooling went by quick and so did week four. These past two weeks have been filled with lots of fun activities. We learned letters M and T. We learned about Volcanoes, rocks, and fossils. We're also still learning about ancient Egypt! We just started reading about Ancient Greece too! We're reading this book called Adventures in Ancient Greece and Judah loves it. It's about three siblings who go back in time to ancient Greece to see the first Olympics. It's actually kind of funny and Judah thinks it's interesting too so that's a ++ in my book!! 
 For our science project in week 3 we did tornado in a bottle and Judah and Micah thought it was the coolest thing ever! I got a little excited too. Not gonna lie!
 We talked a lot about rocks and fossils in week four. We went rock searching and even picked up some leaves, sticks, and pine-cones! We're going to try and make our own fossils tomorrow!
 Judah and Micah had to draw/color what their rocks looked like and tell me if they were sediment rocks or fiery rocks. Of course they were all sediment because there are no volcanoes around here!
Bible wise, we read about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. I kind of think the plan we are on is going too fast in learning the Bible because it's too much for a kid to take in. We learn a different story everyday and I just want it to stick. At the end of the week, I like to review what we've learned and he doesn't do well with the Bible stories. He does do good memorizing the Bible verses though, even though he forgets last weeks verse the following week...or at least that's what he tells me. "I don't remember." haha It's all good though. I'm trying to make it fun so I don't want to stress him out about not remembering a Bible verse. 
 We got to do some string painting too! I think that was their favorite! Anything with paint is always more fun!
Week four was a three day! We didn't have school on Labor Day and we went on our first field trip to Millstone Orchard! That day was hectic. We only have one car and Evan had to rush back home after  PT in the morning to get me. I had to have all the kids ready to go so I could rush Evan back to work. We live 30 minutes from his work and because of traffic it took us over an hour to get him back. He was almost late! Then I had to drive a little over an hour to the orchard. Needless to say, I was 30 minutes late to the event. Everyone was getting ready to get on the hayride out to the field when I got there. I had to rush the children to it and we were the last ones on there. The hayride was nice and getting to see everything the orchard grows was cool. They gave us these small little baggies to put the apples in. I figured since I paid 32 dollars for me and the kids to go to this place and get apples that we were to fill the bags up with (most of them rotten) apples. Well no one says anything until we get back to the camp. The leader of the tour then told me that we were only supposed to grab three and that I had to pay for the rest. I told her I didn't know and that I got there late...but she didn't care. I asked if they could use all the extra apples to make their apple cider, their slushies or there apple pies and they said no because those are the ones I picked. Soo yea they ripped me off into paying 15 extra dollars. And after I paid, the event was over. That was it. The whole trip was a rip off. Considering if I would have went without the group it would have been free to go pick apples with my kids and I would have just had to pay for my apples. Which means just 15 dollars for the apples and not having to pay an extra 32 ahead of time because I was with a group. 
Sorry for complaining but when I got home I noticed over half of those apples were bad and I basically was forced to pay for their bad apples. Even the good looking ones were still ripe and taste awful. I wonder if they took us to a crappy part of the orchard so they wouldn't have to get rid of their good ones? They only had one little section that we were allowed to grab apples from...makes me wonder. Here's a good few happy pics before I found out about the apple fiasco.
 My friend over at Elisa Costa Photography took these pics of me and the kids!
Anyways the kids had fun so that's what counts and they want to go back...but I really don't want to. hahaha It just makes me soo mad thinking about it. I'll take them to a different one. I'm just not going back to that one. My awesome weekend made up for that bad Friday morning. I got to hang out with my friend Elisa for the rest of the day. I slept in on Saturday and went to church today. So all is good. :)

I hope everyone had an awesome Sunday!