Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tooth Trouble

I took this picture Tuesday morning. I woke up after to my extraction hurting and saw this coming through my bedroom window so I got up and had to shoot it. I really really miss Kansas when it comes to sunrises and sunsets because Fort Riley really had the best views only two minutes from my house. There are trees everywhere here though, so it's not as easy to get a clean shot. I also haven't been here long enough to explore the area so I can't really say much until I do.

Evan had a four day weekend last weekend so Monday was the only available day that I could go in to see the dentist. Well turns out I had to get two of my wisdom teeth taken out. That wasn't really planned and it kind of threw our first day of school off. We actually started school on Monday instead and played catch up. It's been hard though, only because of the pain in my mouth and the fact that my front lip and teeth are still numb and it's bothering me sooo badly. I hate this numbness feeling. It's Thursday and it's still numb. Honestly the numbness bothers me more than the pain. Hopefully it goes away soon. I feel like I've been extra cranky because I can't use my mouth normally yet and when Evan kisses me I can't feel it. I can't even feel putting my lipstick on and it's driving me insane. Or when I give my kids kisses I can't feel my lips on their cheeks! I don't like it at all! It makes me soo sad.

This post was originally supposed to be about Judah's first week of school but I just can't stop thinking about my mouth. I know you think this should probably be a mind over matter thing but it's hard whenever it affects everything I eating, talking, kissing, and putting on my lipstick. It's very annoying. I'm actually going to the doctor in the morning to see what they can do about it. Hopefully they can fix it asap because it's driving me insane. I don't like going to the dentist as it is. Then this happen. I have to get another wisdom tooth taken out next month plus a root canal and I'm not looking forward to it. gahhhh Okay rant over.