Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stay Little a Little Bit Longer

The other day I was going through some old photographs and I was looking at how tiny Judah once was and how tiny Micah once was...I used to be able to hold them with one arm and cuddle with them and kiss them as much as I wanted to. I can barely hold Micah now...and he's only 3 years old! He's a big boy and many people think he's older than 3 because of it. I blame his dad. haha And Judah he's just getting soo tall and well he's five now. They're just growing soo fast and it got me a little emotional and yes I did cry. Ezrah is growing fast too. 
He's already good at balancing to put one shoe on. He actually goes by himself to get his shoes and brings me a matching pair every single time. It's impressive. He just started saying yea to any question I ask him. We're just waiting until he learns the word no and see what happens then. ahaha He tries to repeat things I say, like when I call for Evan, he'll follow suite. It's soo precious and I love it. Two of his favorite movies are Home and Minions. He will watch either one of those movies and not move the entire time. He loves to go swimming too. He's always bringing me his goggles and floaty. hah! Ohh Ezrah. I love him at this age and I'm trying to make the best of this season and take advantage of his littleness and cherish it. I'm literally breathing this in and spending as much time as I can with him at this age because it goes by way too fast. I'm still spending time with Judah and Micah too but I don't want to miss any sweetness of this age. 
 Please excuse the food on his face and on his shirt. We had just had breakfast so it was inevitable. He's also starting to say, "cheeeeeeeese!!" when he sees me taking pictures of him. 
 Those curls!!! Judah and Micah used to have curls before their first haircut. Hopefully Ezrah's curls don't go away too!
Here in North Carolina we have tall pine trees everywhere and I love it. We have the woods right in our back yard! 
Ezrah is the happiest baby ever and I know I most likely said this about Micah but I do believe Ezrah is way more happy than the other two were. Like he's more content with everything. Oh Ezrah please stay this happy and adventurous forever!