Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some Cute Pool Pictures and a Little of Life Lately

Since we're about to start homeschooling, I've been making changes to the way we do things around the house. Judah is at the age where he can start helping out with house chores, so I've been making him help out by doing little things. Like this morning I had him wash his breakfast bowl...don't worry it was plastic! But he really enjoyed doing it. I only told him to wash his and he ended up washing everyone's bowls. I was really proud of him. I'm also trying to get him in the routine of fixing his bed in the morning before he does anything else. I have to help him of course because he's learning! He already helps out by picking up his toys and putting his dirty clothes in the laundry bin, but him and Micah both have been doing that for a while. Before I start making him do other house chores I want to get him comfortable with washing dishes and fixing his bed in the mornings. Then I'll move to having him help me with the laundry. Little steps! I can't do everything around the house forever! haha I'm helping out his future wife too! haha ;) 

I've also started limiting their gaming time to only on the weekends. They are obsessed with games so this is huge for me. They've been doing pretty good though. Now to just limit their television time. Don't start judging me yet. It is still Summer. Once we start homeschooling there will be no television during the week. You think we can do it? I hope so. I'm thinking we should have like a family movie night every Friday or something like that. It will be fun! We can take turns picking out the movie every week too!

Before we start school I've been trying to get my house ready for it. I'm trying to get everything organized and in it's place so during school I'm not worrying about it. When we first moved into this house I had the classroom in the front room...then I decided to put it in the fourth room upstairs. Then I changed my mind again and made the fourth bedroom a guest room and moved their classroom back downstairs by myself because Ev is out in the field. I also ordered a bunk bed for the boys room so they'll have more room to play. One of the bedrooms is being used as Evan's man cave because you know, he's got to have one. haha I'm thinking about moving my little office in there too. Why should he get a room all to himself? I need a "cave" too! haha

Anyways we've been focusing on enjoying Summer while it's still swimming whenever we can! I would say going to the park to play too...but it's way too hot to play at the park during the day. We went once and the kids were complaining after 10 minutes because of the heat so we went home and then to the pool later on.
 These beautiful girls are our neighbor friends! Maddie above and Zoey pictured below! ♥