Monday, August 22, 2016

Judah's First Week Of Homeschool

We have successfully finished an entire week of home school! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! We're starting his second week today! That's soo crazy to me! All the other kids in the neighborhood are starting school on different days this week and since we only have one car, I'm glad I don't have to worry about walking Judah along with the other two to school and from school. The buses here only pick up special needs students...or so I was told which doesn't make much sense to me but It doesn't matter anyways since we're homeschooling. 
Judah did very well his first week! He practically begged every morning to get started before it was even time to start. He loves school! He's making this soo easy for me...almost too easy. haha I have noticed that his favorite is math. Which is weird because I don't like math and neither does Evan, but everyday he wants to do more with math. This weekend he brought me his math book more than once because he wanted to do more math! This kid is smart and is just getting smarter. I'm soo proud of him and he makes me smile. :)  
I've actually enjoyed it this past week as well. I'm relearning things I've forgotten and it's really nice. This week we learned about the atmosphere and air flow. We even did a few science experiments to test it! Judah thought it was soo cool! We did a wind race with paper and cardboard. We both had a good time with that one and even Ezrah got in on the action! We also learned about the beginning of time starting with Genesis, then onto dinosaurs and how the first people on earth lived. We learned about what they ate and how they clothed themselves and made shelter. It was really interesting even for me. Judah and Micah went outside to try and find natural materials to make a small shelter but it was too hot out and we couldn't pick up any rocks because they burned in our hands which stunk. We made a tent inside the house instead and they had fun with that. Now if only I could get Micah to participate in at least the reading part. He wants nothing to do with school. I don't blame him! And he's only three still so I'm not going try to force it on him. Anyways, cheers to homeschooling! And may this week be even better than the last and the week after that and so on!
This kid is hilarious!

p.s. My mouth is still numb and it is driving me insane! Pray for me! :)