Sunday, July 10, 2016

How We Spent Independence Day

Initially arriving to NC, we had planned to go to one of the many beaches North Carolina has to offer to watch fireworks...but that didn't happen. After we got our house and finally got the movers to come a day later than they were supposed to, we had soo much to unpack. My house was full of boxes and we hardly had any clean was kinda stressful. So we decided to cross driving two hours to the beach off the list. Instead we stayed here with our new neighbors barbecuing and illegally blowing off fireworks on a military installation. We did get one warning and so did everyone down the street...and the street behind us. No one wants to leave their house to go to a grocery store parking lot to blow off fireworks...who's going to do that? Especially soo late at night when all you want to do is light your fireworks so that you can get all of your kids into bed right after. Ya know what I'm saying? Anyways, I'm soo thankful for great neighbors and that we made friends soo quickly. I'm thankful that we got to North Carolina unscathed and safely. I'm thankful that we got a house the first day! I'm thankful for my beautiful healthy family that I get to deal with everyday...and I'm thankful for this country that I have the privilege of living in everyday. Here are a few pics of fireworks that I captured Monday night. Enjoy!
 Judah made the number six! He was soo proud of himself when I showed him this picture! 
 Judah was twirling around here.
I made this last picture here from one of the fireworks. I felt like experimenting!
God Bless America!