Friday, June 17, 2016

La Boda de Josiah y Katia ♥ My Little Brother's Wedding in Mexico

The day of the wedding was soo overwhelming...Scratch that. The whole week leading to the wedding was overwhelming. I was asked to be a bridesmaid...all while being the photographer! Thankfully my sister, Toni, was able to help. She took pictures of Katia getting ready while I took pictures of Josiah getting ready. I was stressing out all week about different ways to photograph the pair, how is the lighting going to be?, how is the venue going to be set up? do I need to buy certain equipment that I can't afford to make the pictures look better just in case? and also how was my sister was going to shoot the ceremony? I probably sound crazy but that's what I was stressing about. Oh and how was I going to be in the wedding and take pictures with my kids on the side.

I was soo thankful to have my cousin Claudia there to help me with the kids. She's soo good with them. Judah was actually sick on the day of the wedding which was really upsetting. He had some kind of stomach sickness, probably from something he ate or drank. I felt soo bad the whole day that I couldn't really be there for him because I had to take pictures, but in-between the chaos I was with him. He seemed to be feeling a lot better towards the end of the day. Judah actually got sick twice while we were in Mexico. Micah and Ezrah didn't get sick at all...and we all ate the same thing, so I'm thinking he might have drank water from the faucet or maybe while taking a bath? Also, during the reception Micah got stung by a bee for the first time. Lets just say, he doesn't like bees anymore. haha

Mexican weddings are very different from American weddings. In Mexican weddings we have madrinas y padrinos de pastel/cake, lasso, almuadas/pillows, anillos/rings, biblia/ bible, fotos/photos...and pretty much anything you want. Whoever you ask as godmother or father, they pay for it. I was the madrina de fotos so I did all the pictures for free. That's like their wedding gift from us. Does that make sense? There's also almost always a mariachi band that plays. It's really nice. I love it. haha This mariachi band went from table to table while everyone was eating and played a song. My mom even made me sing a song with them. There was no dance at this wedding because at christian weddings in Mexico, it's looked down on if you have a dance. That's just the difference in culture. I also gained a new beautiful sister that day. That's the same. :)
 This is the struggle to get a good picture with your kids...who weren't up for going to a wedding or dressing up that day. Also, the pants that Micah is wearing...they don't fit him. My mom bought them for him a week before we left for Mexico and we had him try it on to make sure they fit. Well they fitted him perfect. We get to Mexico and all of a sudden they are way too tight! But it was all we had and there was no time to go to the city to shop. My poor boy had to suck it up...literally. hahaha
The wedding was beautiful! It was soo beautiful, I got a bit envious and started to think about having another wedding just for the heck of it. hehe I'm not, but it would be cool. The day was a long one and I was in and out of photography mode to take care of my kids and to eat...come to think of it, I didn't get to have any cake! ahhh why? Katia's mom made the cakes and she makes the best I've heard and I didn't get to eat any. Oh well. That's how crazy my day was. Out of all of the craziness I was able to capture some beautiful Mad Love Fotos! Here are a few of my favorite!
♥ Siblings ♥