Monday, June 27, 2016

♥ Ixtapa 2016 ♥

Believe it or not, this was my first time ever going to the beach in Mexico! When I was younger a lot of my friends thought I was soo cool because I went to Mexico every year...but I didn't go to Cancun or Acapulco like they thought. Just to Santa Getrudis. No biggie. 

The drive to Ixtapa was rough only because we had to leave at 5 in the morning and I stayed up all night packing our clothes, making sure I had everything ready. I had to hold Ezrah on my lap the whole 5 hours and try to sleep at the same time without dropping him. So yes, it was hard and I barely got to sleep. Once we got there though, I was relieved! We finally had made it! We went with a big group that was my family so we took a convi there. A big van full of people. I did have a few pics of all of us in the van but Micah deleted it...that and all of my videos. I never thought this day would come but it came and I didn't have any of it backed up and I cried. I was really upset. He's never deleted anything on my phone for the longest time. I honestly don't think he meant to because he was watching videos of himself dancing at a party over and over again. He was laughing too. I doubt he would have done it on purpose. Oh well. 
Ixtapa overlook ♥
Up above is my brother and Katia, my new sister! Aren't they cute?
We stopped for a potty break early in the morning on our way to Ixtapa and Ezrah wasn't too happy about not being held by mommy. hehe
 He didn't want to take a picture with me. :( Every night at the hotel they had some kind of a show after dinner. It was pretty cool. They had dancers, karaoke night, the voice night, and dancers some more. I actually thought the dance shows were awesome. For Karaoke night, I got up and sang Como la Flor by Selena and everyone wanted me to sing another one but I didn't. It was fun though! I wish I did but I had to get back to my kids.
 We took this right before my sister had to leave and she was crying if you can't tell. I cried after I took the picture. I know how to  hold it in like that. (wink wink) hehe I hate it when she has to leave. She only got to stay for half the trip because of work. The kids were sad to see her go too. They kept asking, "where's Toni?" several times after she was gone.
 Judah was the only one that liked the beach. Micah hated it and I think Ezrah had mixed feelings. He liked it until the waves hit him and then he'd cry. Micah thought that sharks were going to get him if he got in. I couldn't convince him otherwise so he stuck to the pool with his cousins.
 Breakfast time! Judah chose to sit there. And he wasn't upset either. He just looks upset in the picture I promise. haha The hotel we stayed at had a buffet for every meal...and to be honest, the food wasn't that great. It was decent but I've had a lot better. It was all inclusive and cheap so I guess you get what you pay for. hehe
 I forced Micah to come to the beach and he wasn't happy for a while until he started playing with the sand and decided to bury himself. Judah helped for two seconds and took off.
 Most of our time in Ixtapa consisted of us at the pool because the boys love it! Especially Micah. He was constantly practicing holding his breath under water. Judah on the other hand refuses to stay under water for more than one second. He's a scaredy cat. hehe