Saturday, May 21, 2016

In Arkansas for Mujer's Graduation

This is my beautiful cousin Mujer...a.k.a Carmen. I am so so proud of her! She came to the states when she was six years old and I was her first friend here! She has fought soo hard to make good grades in school and after she graduated high school she didn't stop there. Thanks to the Dream Act she was able to attend college at the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas. She majored in the Arts. I don't get to see her very often due to her living in Arkansas and me in Kansas. My sister and I planned to come to her graduation. I had to drive about 15 hours to get there. My sister flew in from Seattle...and then I drove six hours back to MO. Lots of driving. Driving is not fun. But I am soo glad I got to see her graduate!
She is such a beauty and an inspiration to all of the Hispanic community who have a dream to be someone. To better there education. It is possible! You just have to work for it! Don't give up because anything is possible. Mujer is proof of that!
Fun fact: When we were younger, we made a group called C3 and wrote a total of two songs and put it on a cd which is now lost and we only remember one part of one song. haha It was pretty great. My sister Toni was the band leader...which meant I got kicked out more than once. Sibling rivalry. hehe

We had an obsession with Brittney Spears and made up dances to almost all of her music videos. Same with S Club. They used to be super popular back then. We also were in love with Enrique Iglesias and hoped to marry him some day. We still have yet to go to his concert together! We also used to go riding our bikes around our neighborhood with underwear on our heads because we thought we looked like luchadores with them on. Don't worry they were clean! And there were endless drives to and from Arkansas to visit each other when she moved away. She lived a little bit closer back then so it was only 4 hours. We have soo many good memories together, I can't wait for more to come! Love you Mujer!
Also, I'm the youngest of us three and the only one married with kids. Go figure.
FYI. Reasons Judah is not in any of the pictures is because I dropped him of with my mom. I can only handle soo many kids on my own. Just with these two was a big break for me. Judah and Micah seem to be extra crazy when they are together and well behaved when they're separated. Kids. hehe I do wish Judah could have gone though. If Evan were able to come I would have brought him.
The only time fighting happened was when Ezrah and Micah both wanted to play with Mujer's graduation balloon. Silly boys! I love them though!

Anyways, Congratulations Mujer! Super proud of you! and congrats to everyone else who graduated this year! You did it! Besos!