Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Army Move and Other Things.

If you haven't already heard the news, we are moving to North Carolina! I know, soo crazy. Soo many decisions we still have to make. Soo much packing we still have to do! I'm going crazy over here because the next few months are going to be very hectic. I'm half way looking forward to it. If you move a lot, you know how I'm already feeling. And if you are in the army and don't get to find out where you're going to live until you actually get there, then I'm sure you know how stressed out I am about it. I'm actually going back to MO for a few weeks while my husband is in training school and as soon as he gets back in June, we have to leave our house in KS within a week. So I'm already packing. I know the army does it for you but I don't trust movers touching my things and throwing them around and I'm kind of an organization freak so I have to do it myself, otherwise I'll go crazy.

As weird as it might seem, I think I'm going to miss Kansas. I've just now started to get used to it and it's soo much like home. Not the living on base part, but in's a lot like Cape. A little bit bigger. The weather though, and the storms, and the snow, and the country folk...all the same and I'm honestly going to miss it. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited to go to NC...hello Nicholas Sparks reader over here! But just when I'm starting to get used to a place, we have to leave. It's kind of sad. I'm probably going to cry like a baby when we leave this place in June. 

Anyways, I'm sure you've notice that I haven't been blogging as much lately...well let me tell you why. A few months ago, my older brother decided he wanted to open up a Mexican Restaurant. Real authentic Mexican food. Ya know? So a little over a month ago, he opened up. It all happened soo fast. My family kept calling me to come help them out and I sort of wanted to and I didn't at the same time...but I decided I should go because I'm only 8 hours from home and it will be fun. Right? Wrong! I have never waitressed before! I thought I was going to be helping out in the kitchen and since I love to cook I thought...AWESOME! Nope I had to be a waiter. 

You know what? Kudos to all of you waiters out there! It is stressful and you can hardly find a time to take a break. If anything is wrong with the meal or you don't get something out to them fast enough then you get insults and mean comments. I've never realized how hateful people can be until just recently. It's really awful! People can be soo ungrateful. Some people wanted there food within ten to twenty minutes while we also have other tables. Look, if you want fast food, go to McDonalds, BBK, Taco Bell etc. But, my brother's restaurant is tiny! The kitchen is tiny, and we only have two people back there, sometimes only one. If you want good food then it's going to take time to make. If you don't have ten to twenty minutes to wait for your food, don't go to a restaurant. Geez. Sorry, I didn't mean to rant. I just haven't gotten the chance to yet and I thought why not do it on my blog. haha Seriously. So yes, I was a waitress for about a month and then I decided I was done. I missed my kids everyday and I missed my husband, so I came back to KS about two weeks ago. I can assure you that my stress levels have gone down drastically. haha  Still stressed about certain things but not as much as I was, dealing with rude people all day while I was trying my best.

Anyways I hope everyone is having a blessed Wednesday! Go eat some conchas at your local Mexican store! They're soo good! :)