Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chilly Days in March Playing at the Park

 We are coming towards the end of March and the weather here in Kansas has been crazy. We were soo convinced about Spring being here to stay. We had an entire week of sunny days and some days were even hot enough to go swimming, only if the water was warm enough. Then it went from being in the high 70s to the low 30s in one day. It's crazy. It's warm today though, thank goodness for that. I just wish the weather would make up it's mind! I need to move somewhere else where the weather is consistent because it's messing with my allergies! haha
 Anyways, I took Ezrah and Micah to the park to play some soccer but the soccer fields here on post are closed with a lock. Only open for approved events. So that kind of ruined our plans. We decided to play at the park instead. Micah found a little friend that wanted to play soccer with him so he had fun for a while until he had to leave. Then Ezrah woke up from his nap and they played together. I actually love it when these two get along. Micah has come a long way to where he's nice to his little brother. He was jealous of Ezrah for the longest time. I'm pretty sure he still gets jealous sometimes, like when I have to feed him or put him down for a nap before I can help Micah.
 Since Judah is in MO with his Nina, Ezrah and Micah have had a lot of time to bond. It's been really sweet to see. Micah and Judah usually leave Ezrah out of the equation. Micah doesn't have anyone else to play with now, so he has no choice but to play with Ezrah. It's seriously the cutest. Ezrah has even started to pester Micah. It's soo funny. Like today he took Micah's toy and Micah didn't notice until two seconds later. Ezrah had already taken off laughing but since he doesn't run as fast, Micah gets him before too long...and then Ezrah will go and do it again. ahaha
Anyways, we all get to see Judah in two days! I'm soo excited! I've missing him soo bad!