Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bday Party for Lexie!

 Never have I ever gone to a paintball place and come out to find they have an entire fun house inside the building! I seriously had no idea this place existed. I mean, I knew about Blodgett Paintball but I didn't know there was an actual play arena inside...with rides! It's like a fair inside there, only without all of the carnies...and good fair food. Love me some funnel cakes!
 Oh by the way...Lexie is my beautiful niece and the boys cousin! She turned five! She's three months older than Judah. Micah and Ezrah were pretty much playing like best friends the entire time we were there. It was soo cute and mad my heart go boom boom. haha Seriously. 
 I was kind of sad that I couldn't get very many pictures of Judah and Xavier. They were together like two sticks on an icicle pop. They were running all over the place, so I pretty much didn't see them the entire time. But they had fun so it was all good.
 These two cuties are my cuties! Judah and Micah too of course! ♥
 Cousins! And they are one week apart in age!
 This picture cracks me up. I love Ezrah's face! He was laughing almost the whole train ride! I should have taken a video instead!
ahhh there's a good one of Judah and Xav. :)