Monday, March 21, 2016

All In a Day's Work

As a doctor for hire you’ve met a fair share of odd folks. Nothing quite like this though: A man in his mid-thirties stands before you, clutching a wound just given to him by another man sprinting down the street. Now the perpetrator trips and lands on his own knife. Screaming for help and...

I quickly grabbed my cellphone from my black purse; as nervous as I was, my phone slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. I went to pick it up, but the man's blood was dripping all over my shattered screen. Calling the police was not an option. I had to hurry up and keep these men from bleeding to death. “What’s your name sir?” I asked the man. “My…name is Edgar.” “Alright Edgar, I’m going to try and slow down the bleeding. Okay?” He couldn’t answer me. I could tell he was slowly beginning to lose consciousness. I took my scarf that was wrapped on my purse handle and tied it around this man's wound. Luckily he was a rather thin man and the scarf fit his waist perfectly. I helped him to sit down against the brick wall. Looking around, it was so dark outside I could barely see anything. The street lights were soo dim that people looked like shadows. There weren't many people walking the streets and those I did see were walking at a fast pace trying to avoid the scene. The perpetrator was still on the ground down the street screaming for help. I stopped a man in a black hat and a nice button down suit, "Excuse me sir! Can I please borrow your phone to call an ambulance!?" "Use your own phone! Bug off!" I ran around the corner, there was nothing. All the shops were closed. The street was dark. It was getting late. I have to wake up early for work in the morning. I need my sleep. Many thoughts started to swirl around in my head. Both of the men were still on the ground bleeding to death. Nobody even cares...except for me. I have to save them somehow. There's almost no traffic. No taxis. I took off down the street to help the other man as fast as I could.

“Help me! Please help me! Don’t leave me here to die!” The man was bleeding worse than Edgar. He was young. Maybe in his early twenties. I don’t know why I was surprised. “I’m going to try and help you, but you have to let me okay?” I left the knife in his abdomen, ripped part of his shirt off and put it around the knife. “Hold this here to help stop the bleeding. What’s your name?” He quickly disregarded my question. I’m assuming he didn’t want me to tell the cops or anyone his name. He didn’t even say thank you. But that didn’t matter. “Alright then. Stay here, I’m going to find help.” I got up and frantically started to look for anyone that could help me. I kept looking back to make sure the man wouldn’t try to run away…I don’t think he can…or doesn’t want to hurt himself more. I could tell he was scared. As I ran around the corner I lost sight of him.

Technology these days; It's good for a lot of things but because of it, phone booths on the streets are rarities. Finally! There's a person walking my way. "Excuse me sir! Please, can I use your phone to call 911!? These two men around the corner need help right away!" "Oh yea, here...just hold on one sec...” He seemed to be taking his sweet time, as if I wasn’t serious or in a hurry. “Trying to unlock my phone real quick...and there you go." "Thank you!" I called 911. The cops and the ambulance arrived at the scene within ten minutes. Meanwhile I went back and forth between the two men and pressed on their wounds to help with the bleeding. Luckily both of the men were still conscious by the time the ambulance arrived. The perpetrator was quickly cuffed and taken in one ambulance while Edgar was taken in the other ambulance. Relieved that both of them were on their way to safety, I walked home.

I started to wonder, what would have happened if it wasn't me that was there tonight. It didn't matter to me that one of the two men was a criminal. He is still a human being that needed help. Nobody is perfect. Maybe he will repent. Maybe while he's lying in the hospital bed he'll think back on what he has done and fix his ways? Who knows. I might even see him tomorrow at the hospital while I'm making my rounds. I'm sure he'll have to do some jail time after he's all healed. As for Edgar, I hope he makes a quick recovery. I might even check on him tomorrow too. Will they remember me? It was so dark and they were in soo much pain they probably couldn’t make out my face. Should I bother checking in on them? What would Jesus want me to do? I already knew the answer to that. It’s decided. Tomorrow morning I’m going to go check on both of them. Maybe even talk a little and keep them company.

Story by, Muah
Prompt by, Brian A. Klems via Writers Digest.