Friday, March 18, 2016

A Funny "Pregnancy Scare" Story and Cuties

Funny story...this past week Evan and I kind of had a pregnancy scare. haha See, I kept complaining about how hungry I always am and how my pants were getting super tight on me. Well Evan suggested that I start working out again and to quit eating junk food, and we also considered the fact that I am still breastfeeding and Ezrah is 15 months old so he's drinking more milk. He's right. So I went to work out this morning and I had a healthy berry smoothie. Also you guys I'm not pregnant...because I took a pregnancy test and it was negative! I was actually slightly disappointed because I obviously started thinking about baby names and omg! what if it's a girl this time! Then I went to Target and started looking at all of the baby girl clothes. I know I know I'm crazy, and I get ahead of myself often. I couldn't help myself! But alas, I'm not pregnant. I have my hands full already! Maybe in the future when the boys are much older.
Judah is taking his Batman game to a whole other level. 
Don't mind Ezrah's overly big sweater...It's Micah's. It got a bit windy and I forgot to bring a sweater for Ezrah. I have three boys and I'm still not prepared for weather situations! Is that bad? The other week at church, Ezrah's diaper was soo full of pee that it went through his clothes and the girls at the nursery didn't know what to do so they left his shirt on but no pants. I didn't bring an extra outfit so he just had to be a bottomless diaper baby. Now that wasn't my fault since I wasn't in the nursery...but still. I didn't have an extra pair of clothes with me! gah!
Judah's Batman game is strong my friends! I miss him! I can't wait to see him next week! 
Also, some of you may notice that these pictures are in downtown Cape...that's because it is...and no. I'm not in Cape you guys. These pictures are old and I forgot to post them, so here they are! :)