Monday, February 1, 2016

Puppy Love

Say hello to the cutest Husky Border Collie mixed puppies you've ever seen! ♥
From left to right we have (Sky, Robin, Penny Lane, and Bat Girl.) They are three weeks old in these pictures.
Micah and Judah are obsessed with the puppies. It's kind of cute. Micah's face though...hahahaha
Well hello cuties! Bat Girl has the bluest eyes out of all of them. I love it. She's the only one not spoken for yet. Crazy? I know. Can we keep her? :) Just kidding. Two is enough.
The only reason they were all looking in the same direction was because they were watching Judah and Micah run back and forth. It was pretty hilarious. I should have gotten it on video.
Don't worry. I will be posting more puppy cuteness very soon. and hopefully a video too!