Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello there fellow followers. I have been over my head busy. In case you don't remember, I have four puppies, two dogs, and three kids that I've been dealing with every day. haha My house has been a mad house for almost eight weeks. I've been constantly cleaning up pee and poop on repeat all day...everyday. It's pretty awful. I never thought I would be happy to see the puppies go, but I really secretly can't wait. They are the cutest but they are quite the terrorists in my house. They've chewed up everything they could get their mouths my living room rug, Evan's shoes, the kids shoes almost...I caught them before they did any real damage, the ends of my curtains, and the kids toys. It's been a real pain. I'm never going to breed dogs again. Not that we did it on purpose to begin with. We're practically giving the puppies away for free considering all of the damage they've done to my home and the labor I've put in to cleaning up after them, buying their puppy chow, and taking them to their check ups. We should have sold them for more. Oh well. Lesson learned. I'm getting a new rug now and new I guess I should thank the puppies for that...and tax returns.

Also, since we've received our tax returns, I've bought so much food! Almost too much food but I love having food in my house again. We're seriously on another level right now. I'm soo happy about it! If anyone knows me, I like to eat. I eat more than Evan. That's how much I like to eat and my kids...they like to eat too. Especially Ezrah. He might beat all of us in the eating game.   

So now I'm trying to think of anything new that has been going on in our lives that I can share with you...oh Ezrah's back teeth are growing in and so that's a lot of fun. What else...hmm. thinking...thinking...Oh I have been reading a lot these past few weeks. It's like my new hobby. Reading two books a week. That's why I've been almost MIA on social media, because I've been too busy reading in my free time. And I also look like a hobo because who has time to look nice when you have a book to finish? Am I right? hahaha aaannnnnddd yea. I think that's it. So have a nice Monday everyone!