Saturday, February 6, 2016

Conversations with Judah and Micah

Judah: (while in the bath playing with Micah) I'm Judah! And I'm here to save people!

Micah: I farted Judah!
Judah: No you didn't. That was a chicken coming out of your butt!
Micah: That was a chicken!?
Judah: ya ha ha!
Both: hahahahahahahaha (They are crazy) 

Me: Hands up! NYCPD!
Judah: You can't arrest me...(using his deep husky voice) I'm an officer!
Me: Micah don't eat your boogers! That's gross!
Micah: No it's not. It's good mom. Try your nose!
Me:...No thank you.

Micah: Mom, do you have boogers?
Me: Yea, do you have boogers?
Micah: No they're all gone...because I ate them all!

So I made this taco pie one night for dinner and Judah was acting like he didn't like it...but later that night when I was putting him to sleep he said...
Judah: mommy
Me: Yes sweety
Judah: Thank you for making me taco pie. It was real good for my tummy.
Him saying that to me made my heart so happy. ♥

My dad pretty much always has a toothpick in his mouth and so the other day when Micah saw me using a toothpick after dinner, he stopped me and said..."hey! That's Pa Pa's!" It was funny. :)

Judah: Mom, can you go to the hospital with daddy so that I can stay with Pa Pa David.
Me: Why would you want mommy and daddy to go to the hospital?
Judah: So you guys can have a baby! And Pa Pa David can bring me to the hospital to see the baby and say, "it's a girl!" Like that.
Me: You want us to go to the hospital to bring home a baby girl?
Judah: Yup! because I want to stay with Pa Pa David like Daniel Tiger stays with Grandpear.
Me: Judah you already have two younger brothers you can play with.
Judah: yea, but I need a sister. Like baby Margaret.
Me: ... (I really didn't know what to say. haha What do you say to that? I wanted a girl too but I'm done trying for a girl. haha. Three boys is enough for this momma.)

Judah: Uncle Ethan and Pa Pa David are my buddies!
Me: What about Uncle Ryan?
Judah: uhhh yea...he's cool too.

Me: I can't wait until we get our tax returns so that we can actually eat food!!
Judah: Yea! And humans!!
Me and Evan: .....and then we burst out laughing. hahaha

Me: Why did you hit Micah?
Judah: I didn't hit him.
Me: Then why is he crying?
Judah: It wasn't me! It was call of duty ghost!
Oh and the other night, the kids and I were making dinosaur noises and Ezrah tried to make them too!!!! It was seriously the cutest thing ever! I got my phone out as fast as I could but then he stopped and wouldn't do it anymore. Of course. hehe