Thursday, February 4, 2016

Attempting to Home School

Since we've come back from Christmas break I've been trying to home school with Judah and Micah...I only have three kids so you figure it should be easy right? Well no. It's not. It's really hard. Judah loves to learn and wants to learn...while Micah doesn't want to have anything to do with learning. He doesn't like to read stories or color. When Judah is painting, Micah will make three strokes and then says he's done. All Micah likes to do is play. For a while there it was really bothering me that he didn't want to learn anything and I've finally just let it go because he is only three! I have to keep telling myself that. Judah has always loved to learn and read stories and he LOVES to paint. I think he paints at least four to five times a week. He's really good too! I'm impressed! These two boys though...they are so different from each other. I see the difference every week.

So homeschooling isn't going as I'd hoped it would but I'm not going to give up. Yes, I am doing some reading and I'm learning as I go too. I don't have the schedule exact to the T just yet. I'm taking small steps here because I don't want to overwhelm the kids and I especially don't want to overwhelm myself. Cranky teacher/momma? No bueno. So as of right now, I'm only doing lessons with Judah three times a week. With Micah, I'm sticking to play time and singing and listening to songs. Judah and Ezrah join in too because they all love to sing and dance! Especially Ezrah! He is a dancing nugget! I love it!

I'm also really glad that I know music because it makes everything so much easier. The kids love to listen to me play and they like to try and play along. They love listening to my music too which is amazing! Judah really wants to learn how to play the cello...but before I buy him one, I'm going to try to teach him piano first since we have one. If he does well with trying to learn, then I will get him a cello. I don't want to make a big investment in something and then Judah not want to learn or play it.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm getting myself into, but I already told myself I'm going to try it for one year and if it goes really well then I will keep doing it, but if it doesn't go well then I will put the boys in public school. Simple as that! If anyone has any advice on homeschooling that would be amazing! I'll take any advice I can get!