Friday, January 15, 2016

They see me bowlin, they music so loud, I'm swangin.

Just kidding! (about the title) There's no one "hatin" up this "joint." Also, Evan thinks I'm weird but he loves me anyways...and he's weird too soo...we kinda balance eachother out, don't ya think?

Anyways, I had the most hardest time waking up this morning. Anyone who lives in the heartland knows all about our bipolar weather. Well thanks to that, I am not feeling so well...again. This time it's just really bad sinuses and I can't breathe through my nose, and the pressure is awful, and then there's dry mouth because it's the only way I can breathe right now, and it's been driving me nuts! Yea I know. Long sentence. Sorries.

So my family and I went bowling while we were on leave for the Holidays and I seriously had so much fun, even though I suck at the sport. haha I cried once because the game was over and I had the lowest score...16. I know. Embarrassing right? They need to put up the rails for me, cus this girl can't bowl.
The three musketeers!
Okay..when I saw Judah bowling like this I could not stop laughing. I don't know why it is so funny looking to me and then he does this (below) because it was going so slow down the alley.
Yay for Judah! You knocked down 2 pins! Hey, better than me eh?
And of course, I had to share this picture of Micah stuffing his face. He ate two cheeseburgers and a bunch of fries. Like mother like that even a saying? Well if it's not, it is now. Bowling Alley food is the best, am I right? or am I right? 
Auntie Kwisten! Hey hey! All the kids love her! Even if they don't know her! She's just that lovable! 
 Judah trying to mess with the scores. hehe You little trickster!
 Cara larga (long face...because he doesn't ever smile. ahaha) and Dana. They cute they cute.
 We had to hold Ezrah 99.9% of the time because we didn't want him to get his fingers smashed and because he kept trying to run down the alley. 
 I had to share this one because Evan looks so dreamy in those skinny cow commercials dreamy. In reality though, he was happy with his scores...I think. hehe
 Papa David bowls funny...or does everyone just bowl funny? I think it might just be me who thinks everyone looks weird when they bowl. Anyways, this photo is totes adorbs.... Really cute.
 Me and my sweetheart right there. ^
And last but not least, the one, the only, beautiful Lexi!!!! (not pictured, baby Bella.) I still love you though!