Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

 My precious adventurous Judah. Our whole family came on this trip but it was soo cold that the rest of the family stayed in the car. Judah insisted on coming with me on the hike, "I'm not cold." he said...
 We'll see about that Judah...haha
 Here's the sun breaking light! So beautiful!
At this point we had already started walking back to the car. Judah was cold and he couldn't feel his feet. :(
When we got back to the car though, he was as happy as can be and said to me, "I'm just like adventure cat mom! I went on an adventure!" haha it made my heart happy.
 She's a beauty! I think sunrises and sunsets are my favorite to capture on camera. The colors never cease to amaze me. They look like paintings. If you get lucky there are pink and purples in the sunsets too! Well you guys already know that. haha. Those are my favorite. :)
 The rest of these photographs are from the ride home. It was a beautiful day! Lucky me. We pulled off the road to take this one. I was in a rush too because the speed limit was 60 and I didn't want to get run over! We pulled off to get the photo below as well.
 From the window! ^^
This one is from the window too! I thought the opening in the road was cool looking. It looks like they tore the hill apart to put the road there. 
Also on the way home, we found a cow farm and we pulled over, rolled down the windows, and let the kids hear the cows mooo! haha If you already follow me on snapchat @ceswatkins you could have seen the kids moooing with the cows! It was fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photographs! Hopefully I'll get to go on more photography adventures soon!