Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Day!!!

I am so glad it finally snowed here in Riley. I have been waiting for this day forever! It snowed here while we were on Christmas break and we missed it. I was kind of scared that it wasn't going to snow again and that we weren't going to get to play in the snow, but it did! Hooray! I am literally like a little kid. Yes, I still get excited about snow! We spent the entire day out in it. We kept coming back in to change. We put our wet clothes in the dryer and then we would come back in the house and switch. It was work but we had a lot of fun. Evan was at work all day that day so I couldn't get any pictures of myself with the kids in the snow. I had my camera out there for just a little while and then I took my camera inside the house because I wanted to play in the snow too! :)
 Ezrah stood here on the porch for the longest time. He didn't want to move anywhere...he's not a fan of the snow just yet. hehe
 I went down the hill with the boys a few times and it was awesome. I took Ezrah with me a couple times and it scared the ham right out of him both times. He was not having it...which made me sad. Maybe he'll like it next year...wait, does it snow in North Carolina?
 I set Ezrah down for a few seconds and he started freaking out. haha Why Ezrah why?
 So I set him down again because I wanted to get a cute photo of him in the snow and he immediately started to cry. My poor baby. So I held him the entire time we were out in the snow. He did take one nap while we were out there.
 That face though! Right there! SO handsome!!!
 You like the trash bags on the feet? haha He got snow inside his rain boots so we had to improvise.
 Chancho and Keeta!
 My Chancho ^^
Only thing that I was kind of sad about is that we only got a couple inches of snow and it melted really fast and now it's just all muddy. No bueno. But...it's supposed to snow some more today...FINGERS CROSSED! :)