Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Christmas ♥

Okay...one. I know this is super super late but I do have an excuse! I didn't take my computer with me over our two week break because It's sort of broken and I need a new one...and I have to save up money before I can do that. Two. All I did when I got back home was clean clean clean and put everything away. So there you go. We've been home for a week so I'm picking back up where I left off! 

Wow our Christmas was amazing. I was actually surprised because usually when we go home for Christmas we're driving all over the place trying to make it to everyone's Christmas party and seeing as much friends and family as we can. This Christmas was really chill and sort of relaxing. I think it was mainly because I didn't stress out about seeing everyone this time around. Also, all the families ended up having Christmas at different times and days this past year too so that helped A LOT!
WARNING: Picture overload below. :)

Our first Christmas at David's and Marietta's house (our Grandparents in-law)
 I can't get over her Christmas decorations. I'm in love! 
 This Christmas we decided to do sort of a camping theme for the boys and they were all too excited for their flashlights and sleeping bags!
 Up above we have my father-in-law's side of the family! Love all of them!
And down below is our Christmas at my Mother-in-laws house! I didn't take as many pictures there because it was dark and the lighting was bad and I didn't have a flash on my camera so all the pictures are grainy. :/ I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera correctly on manual mode instead of having it on automatic all of the time. Also if the color happens to look weird, it's because I need a new computer. My laptop notified me a month ago that my graphics card had an error in it and needed to be replaced soo. yea. It stinks. 
 All of the cousins! Minus Bella! ♥
All the girls! ♥ My sister-in-law's and mother-in-law!
Sonya bought Judah and Micah Minecraft swords and they were all too happy about it! Judah snuck my phone away from me the next morning while I was still sleeping and called his grandma Sonya just to tell her thank you again for his sword! It was cute.

Below we have Christmas morning at my mother's house! They didn't put up their Christmas tree this year, I don't know why!
 The boys slept in their sleeping bags Christmas Eve night.
 and Evan slept next to them on the couch.
 The boys got walkie talkies! a.k.a. "Talky talkies!" ahaha and of course trains!
 Mommy knows best.
 The pops! :) I love his smile.
 My brothers! ^^
 She's a beaut.
 Later on Christmas day we went to my dad's parents house for Christmas with his side but I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures from there.
Below are pictures from Christmas on Saturday at Papa David's house.
 Behold. My first mic so that I can start recording music! I just need to get a soundboard and a recording software! Woohoo!
 Ezrah over here chalking it up!
Ezrah with his papa David!
 My beautiful Aunt Dawn.
Judah and Micah got another set of sleeping bags in a backpack with water bottles and flashlights! They also got a tent! They got some other camping material too! Lets just say they are set to go camping whenever they want! :D Watkins camping trip coming soon! (once it warms up a bit!)

We had a very wonderful Christmas and hope you all did too, whoever is reading this. I've been learning to cherish these moments when we are home visiting with family and friends because I honestly don't know when the next time I'll get to see any of them will be. And I almost know for sure we won't be able to come home for the holidays later on this year. So I'm going to soak in living at least 8 hours from home and be thankful it's not farther away for now. :)