Monday, January 18, 2016

Discovery Playhouse Fun

So a few weeks ago now, we went to my best friend, Jessica, son's 2nd Birthday party at Discovery Playhouse in Cape! It's like your regular children's museum, but smaller. I was actually really happy that I was in town for it because I love her so much and I don't get to see her often at all, so it was really nice.

We had to be in Fort Riley that Monday, so we planned to leave right after the party, but an incident concerning our dog who just had pups and my sister's dog happened and I was an emotional mess, so we left early Sunday morning.
 Balloons are every kids favorite thing.
 His faces though! :)
 He wore a dinosaur shirt on purpose for the dinosaur themed party!
 My bestie, Jess, with her baby boy Kaison! Who is 2 now! And her other half, Brandon. :)
 Micah took that lawn mower all over the museum. hahah Is it bad that I didn't care to stop him?
 Judah and Micah are on the top of the stairs of a mini mini house mini stairs. They were afraid to go down. Judah ended up going down on his belly, and I had to hold Micah's hand and help him down each step. It was pretty funny.
 Judah thought that milking the cow was pretty hilarious, but then he realized that water was coming out instead of milk and got upset about it because, "that's not right mommy." and he walked away to do something else. haha
Micah is making a very important call to Gotham city. They need Batman's help!
 Evan spent most of the time in this baby playroom with Ezrah...and then we all eventually ended up playing in here too.
Until next time Jess! Thanks for having us at Kaison's bday party! It was fun!