Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving this year was so very special. We had the amazing opportunity to go home and spend it with our family and friends... And my sister came to town!!! Yea I know. It made me soo happy! I haven't seen her since April for only 1 day and a half. It's been way too long. This time around though, she decided to stick around for a few more days so then I did too because c'mon. It's Toni here, and when is the next time I'm going to get to see her? I can't up and take the kids by myself to Washington! Maybe when they are older but not right now. I'd probably lose a kid or two in the airport before we actually get on the plane!

So here is my overview of the last week of November. On Thanksgiving, we spent it with Evan's mom half of the day, and my dad's side of the family the other half. Then, on Friday we pretty much spent the whole day at Evan's dad's house and his aunt came from St. Louis to spend time with us too, which was really nice. I ate way too much food this Thanksgiving and I don't regret it because it was sooo good! On Saturday my Aunt went to the chapel and got married! That was a very special day too. So you can pretty much tell I had a weekend full of family, friends, joy, and love. Then I decided last minute to stay for a few extra days to spend more time with my sister. My dad volunteered to drive me back to Kansas since we only have one car and Evan had to go back to work the Monday after Thanksgiving.
A few pictures of the week below!
My sister colored my hair! ^^ :) Sorry for the awful quality. Phone picture. :/