Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's That Time of Year...

It's that time of year! Christmas! My favorite holiday because it represents the birth of Christ our Savior. It's that time of year when everyone around you is rejoicing, loving, and giving. Relaxing at home with the fire going, listening to Christmas music, and drinking hot chocolate..mmm. ( I just wish it was cold already! geez!) It's the cheeriest holiday and that's why it's my favorite. P.S. Evan painted that painting above^^for me and I'm in love with it. 
Also, adding a new stocking to our line up makes me super happy. I get emotional just looking at it. :)
We put up our Christmas decorations late this year because we went to Missouri for Thanksgiving and I stayed an extra week. Therefore Christmas decorating was delayed. But we got everything up now! The only thing missing is lights outside our home. If only we owned a ladder. hehe
They are truly best friends even if they do fight...a lot. hehe We took this same picture last year with the same pjs and everything.
We couldn't leave out the dogs!! Keeta and Chancho!
Waiting in line to see Santa! 
Ezrah was excited too!
 Santa!! I took this picture above ^^ and Souriant Designs took the two below. :) Ezrah was soo happy until we sat him in Santa's lap. hehe
Judah and Micah were telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Judah wants a bunch of swords and Micah wants trains. I think Santa was shocked that Judah was asking for swords. He's soo silly. And I love Micah's love for trains.

I also want to let you guys know, Christmas isn't all about "Santa" and presents and decorations. We have to remember why we celebrate this holiday. We don't necessarily know the exact day that Jesus was born, but we do know he was born around this time of year and that is what Christmas is truly about.

If you have kids, this is a really good video of the real Christmas story. I've been reading the story of Jesus' birth every night this month so that they know that this holiday is about Jesus and how important He is in our lives. This is also a good website for the adults to take a look at. ♥