Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Birthday Cake for Ezrah

So much awesomeness happened on Ezrah's birthday. Evan went to work before any of us got out of bed, but when we woke up I told the boys it was Ezrah's birthday! and Micah sang the happy birthday song to him! It was the cutest thing! I wish I had my phone on me to document it! Ezrah laughed and laughed. He is seriously the happiest baby boy on the planet. He laughs at anything his bigger brothers do. Whether it's making weird noises, jumping up and down, blowing bubbles up into the air, Ezrah thinks it's the funniest thing! It's so much fun to hear him laugh the way he does. It's seriously music to my ears. I love it. I can't get enough of it. And to top it off, he finally said, "mama mama mama!" 
 Uploading these photos, I just realized that I didn't take one of Ezrah with his cake in front of him! I did take a video though! :)
 This messy face tells me he approves of mommy's cake baking skills. :)
It was a really good day and Ezrah is now walking everywhere! It makes my heart so happy! He still uses the wall and furniture to pull himself up, but I know he's going to be getting up on his own soon!

Here's a cute video of us singing Happy Birthday to Ezrah, cake and all! Excuse me on my phone. I was trying to take pictures to post on Instagram but my phone camera has been having bad quality issues so I didn't get anything good on there. :/ I also need a new laptop too because it won't charge my computer battery and yes I bought a brand new one and it wouldn't charge that one either. Then when I was trying to edit photos I had a window pop up telling me that I need a new graphics card so that I can see good picture quality and enhancements on my computer. Thanks laptop. Thanks. I get it. I need a new laptop. geez.