Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween Recap...I Know I'm Late As Usual

For Halloween this year, Evan's side of the family came up to see us! We had so much fun and I wish they all could have stayed longer! We had a house full of kids and I was literally cleaning up almost the entire time because I'm such a neat freak. You can ask anyone. It's bad. 

Before our family arrived Evan and I took the kids to the company's trunk-or-treat and got a ton of candy. It was awesome. Me, Evan, and the adults probably ate over half of the candy. hehe Don't tell the kids! And I'm pretty sure I put on about 10 pounds of fat after eating so much chocolate. oops. 
Instead of taking my digital camera, I took my instax camera to the trunk-or-treat. I'm trying to use it more. I feel like I don't use it enough. The boys honestly were freaked out at first. They were scared to get candy from the adults dressed up in costumes. Evan and I had to get the candy for them with the first few trunks and then the boys lightened up and started getting the candy themselves. They're silly. It was pretty chilly out and it was raining too, so it was a good thing the trunk or treating was under the hangar behind the company. After we were done the boys ran around inside the building. There were other kids there in their costumes too so it was real fun to watch them all play. :)
 Kristen and Ryan were Vampires, baby Bella was a Lady Bug, Lexi was a Kitten, Xav was the Dark Knight Batman, Judah was the Brave and the Bold Batman, Micah was Superman, Sonya was Cat Woman, Evan was the Joker, and I was Harley Quinn.
We didn't get much candy while we were out trick-or-treating because we left late. We didn't know this, but in the area we live in, trick-or-treating ends at 8pm so we were out walking for about 30 minutes and then went home. Oh well. haha Now we know...even though we won't be here next year. I am really not digging how it gets dark out so early. It puts me in an awful funk and I keep thinking it's almost time for bed and then realize it's only 6pm. haha It's awful. I don't remember being so bothered by it until this year.

Anyways, this was our Halloween! SOOO sorry that I'm posting about it half a month later.