Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another Day at the Park

These pictures are not from our Thanksgiving festivities, but we had a wonderful time! We were able to come home to Missouri and spend it with all of our family. We had soo much food it was ridiculous. I'm not ashamed. I stuffed myself. I ate too much pie too. Plenty of pumpkin pies, apple pies/crumbles, german dutch pie, coconut creme pie, chocolate silk pie, and pecan pie. I tried all of them...and they were all delicious. I actually feel kind of sick right now, no joke..but it's like a good kind of sick. The kind of sick where you are satisfied that you just ate all of the most delicious homemade food in the world that your stomach could handle kind of sick. You know what I'm sayin? Yea...

We had some great conversations, lots of laughs, and lots of joy going around. Judah and Micah got to play with their cousins, Ezrah took some of his first steps, I got to play some guitar with the father-in-law, my sister just got in town from Seattle, and my Aunt is getting married tomorrow so yea.. life is good!
 Make it a great weekend everyone!
Love ya'll!