Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Visit From the Parents ♥

This past weekend was soo hectic but awesome! My parents decided to surprise visit me on Thursday which made me really happy! We spent some much needed bonding time and the kids were super happy too! I'm such a daddy's and mommy's girl it's pretty ridiculous. I talk to them almost everyday and even my husband has made fun of me for it a few times. I just really love my them and I'm so thankful for them everyday. I'm a blessed girl to have such amazing parents. Also, Evan I got to pick Evan up from the airport late Friday night! It's good to finally have him back after him being gone for three weeks! My heart is full!
We spent all of Friday out in Manhattan. We went to one of my favorite pizza places, AJ's. You's soo good! You cannot go wrong there. We went to the mall right after and we spent a good deal of time there. It was good to let the kids get out some energy too. The boys also got their haircuts! If you follow me on instagram you remember how awful I cut Micah's hair. Well I got it fixed! And then Judah wanted his hair to be cut just like Micah's so we went ahead and cut his hair too. They are soo cute! :) hehe 
Before we went home, I tried to take my parents to this one place and I honestly don't know the name of it, but it's a small hike up a mountain and when you get to the top, there's this beautiful view of all of Fort Riley and the interstate. You can see everything from up there and it's really something to see. Unfortunately it was closed, so I took my parents to the Outdoor Bible Chapel on post instead. It's really pretty there too and has an amazing outlook. Micah was passed out so we let him sleep. That's why he's not in any of the pictures below.
Happy Wednesday everybody! :)