Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Start Smart Soccer

^^Taking his picture for the certificate of participation. We had to try twice because he wouldn't stand still and he pulled down the green backdrop twice. haha

So growing up, I played soccer from when I was itty bitty all the way up to my sophomore year in high school. I loved to play soccer...at least I think I did. You give me a soccer ball now and you would never know that I used to play. haha  I was decent at it. One thing is for sure, I was super competitive and I was really good at running and had great endurance too...Now that my kids are old enough to put into sports (toddler sports of course) I put them in soccer! Woohoo! Soccer mom over here! Hello! 
Okay, okay, okay, but seriously though. I am super proud of my boys! They had their good days and they had their bad days but they are young and they're still learning every day. 
For the most part, Micah was doing really well and he's actually really good at dribbling the ball. I'm impressed. If any one of the two goes on to play soccer when they are older, I think it's going to be Micah but I could be wrong, you just never know! Judah was really good at running after the ball but he wasn't into the dribbling that much. Judah seemed to enjoy t-ball more than soccer.

For their last practice they played an imitation game and Judah seriously almost scored a few times! He was just inches off..but the nets were really big and since the ball hit the net on the outside of the goal Judah thought that he had scored and was super happy! I couldn't tell him that he didn't score.. haha he was soo happy. You had to see his face. I wasn't going to turn that smile upside down. Besides he's only four years old. Micah on the other hand was soo upset because he wanted his own ball to kick around...and in a game of soccer there is only one ball. He literally cried and pouted more than once because he couldn't get the ball. I don't think he understood what was going on. To be honest, the game was literally a herd of little people chasing a ball around the field trying to score. It was actually really funny to watch. It was kind of like football and soccer mixed because there was a lot of tackling. Judah at one point was tackled and he got mad and sat out for a few minutes.
 They wanted to be on opposite teams for the game! hehe
At the end of the game, all of the kids got their certificate of participation...but there was one little problem. When Judah's name was called he ran up to grab his certificate and immediately started cracking up and he came running back to me saying, "this is Micah's! haha mommy this is Micah's!" I was confused at first until he showed me his certificate. It had Judah's name on the top, but Micah was who was pictured on it. And when Micah got his, Judah was the one that was pictured in his certificate. They thought it was the funniest thing. The coach offered to have it fixed but I didn't take him up on his offer because I thought it was really funny too and definitely something to remember.

Happy Tuesday!