Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Micah's Birthday Party From September! :)

I'm so sorry for posting these pictures soo late! I just put them on my computer! oops. So Micah's Birthday was September 17th but we didn't have his actual birthday party until Saturday. We had all of our close friends in Ft. Riley there to celebrate with us which was really nice. :) And the amazing Thomas cake was made by my friend Sarai who made it the day before because I'm stubborn and feel bad asking people for favors, but when she found out I was just going to buy a cake from the store she offered to make one. She is soo sweet. Micah loved it! I mean look at those dimples! Love him!

When we sang Happy Birthday for him, he became soo shy and he didn't even want to blow out his candles so Judah helped him. I was going to post the video that I took but the quality was really bad and it kept cutting in and out so it wasn't that great. But the cake was very tasty and we ate it with ice-cream! It was delicious! :) Micah loved all of his gifts too! So thank you to everyone who came to celebrate his birthday with us. I know it really meant a lot to him and it sure meant a lot to Evan and I! So thank you thank you thank you!

Happy Wednesday!