Thursday, October 15, 2015

Harvest Festival at Hildebrand Farms 2015

This past Saturday I took the kids to this Harvest Festival that our local dairy farm throws every year. We went with some friends of ours because the more the merrier, right? Anyways, we went on a tour of the farm and got to see how the cows were milked and how they process and filter the milk in this huge machine room and then how they put the milk into the glass bottles. It was all really cool. Judah was trying to convince me that the milk from cows isn't the milk he drinks because milk from cows is disgusting. haha Ohh Judah. The boys were really amused by all the cows out in the field. It was cute. I was a dummy and didn't bring my camera so I stuck to my phone for pictures. Oh and I also luckily had my Instax Wide camera in my backpack, so I used that too. I only had four exposures left in it though. I was hoping there were more but that's okay. hehe

We had some yummy homemade ice-cream and we waited to eat at home because the food line was really really long! We also went on a hayride around the farm and the kids loved it! They said that was their favorite part and they wanted to do it again! Before we left, the boys wanted to get their faces painted. Judah got a Batman mask and Micah got a Robin mask that he wiped of in five minutes thanks to all the dirt flying around. I'm pretty sure dirt got in his eyes and he started scratching and smearing and then the paint got everywhere and that made it all worse. Poor boy. I was trying to help him but he wouldn't let me. He still rocked the whole Robin look though. :) On the way back to the car, Judah and Micah found a whole bunch of  "cool sticks!" I let them play for a good 30 minutes under the shade because why not? I wasn't in a rush. :) The only problem I had with the sticks is the boys wanting to take them home. haha No no no, I know better now not to give them play swords and, much better, sticks in the car. We've had a few incidents in the past. 

Happy Thursday!