Thursday, September 17, 2015

♥ Micah is Three Today ♥

Three years ago today, this handsome little guy came into our lives and made it even more wonderful.
 This is my best friend Micah! He's also my son, and he's turning three today!! I can't believe it! I always feel like I'm getting so old, but then I have to remind myself to calm down, 'you're only 22.' hah!

Dearest Micah, mommy and daddy love you so much with all of our hearts. I can't believe you are growing up so fast. We absolutely love your constant smiles and laughter, we love your quirky ways, and how music really speaks to you. I don't mind listening to you sing your heart out off key all day. We love how close you and Judah are and the fact that you two are such good buddies. You bring so much joy into our lives just by being you. Thank you my love. Besos! Happy Birthday!

"Go go megaforce!"
In honor of Micah's Birthday week, we went to the store on Sunday and let him pick out a toy! I usually get them something on my own and wrap it up for it to be a surprise, but since we barely ever go to town without the kids, we let him pick it out this time. And of course, Judah had to have a power ranger too because what fun is it when you're playing by yourself with one power ranger? Micah was so indecisive at the store. I was for sure he was going to want Thomas and Friends trains, and he did at first. He was going crazy with the Thomas trains, but then he saw power rangers and decided he wanted power rangers instead...which caught me off guard a bit, but hey if he wants it right? haha Anyways, the past few days, it's all the boys have been playing with, so it's a good thing! Picking out Micah's toy took longer than I expected due to Judah and Micah both trying to fill the cart with toys. Those boys are so silly. I had to make them choose between toys. This one or this one? "I want both mom!" No baby, you have to choose, I can't get both. haha I love my boys!!
Here's a throwback to Micah's first and second birthdays!

Happy Thursday!!!