Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Apple Day Festivities!

On Saturday I went to Fall Apple Day by myself. I had this whole day planned for about a month or two. Then, my husband got a weeks notice of this 18 mile ruck he had to do on that same Saturday for SF. So I was obviously really torn about it because they only have this festival once a year and we missed it last year because Evan was in Kuwait and I went back home to MO. Well I had to decide whether to just stay at home with the kids all day or I could put on my big girl panties and take all three by myself to the festival. Well, obviously, I put on my big girl panties and went.

Every year Home Depot comes to this festival for kids workshop. The year before last Judah really wanted to do it, but we got their around 12pm and they were all out of supplies! So this year, I made sure we went early so that we would get their on time to actually participate in the cool activities! They both really enjoyed hammering the nails in, considering I don't let them hammer anything at home! After we left the festival I asked them what their favorite part was, and they both agreed that "hammering wood tool box" was their favorite. It was definitely a struggle for me to try and help them because I was holding Ezrah half of the time and then I would have to set him down to make sure the boys weren't hammering their fingers. On a side note, Ezrah hates sitting in the grass! I tried setting him down next to us and he acted like it was the worst thing in the world! He did the same thing at the park the other day. I guess he doesn't like the way it feels? What baby doesn't like sitting in grass? Mine. hahaha We then went to the Barnyard tent to look at all the animals! I don't know why but Judah and Micah aren't very intrigued with animals. They didn't even want to pet the bunnies that were in the tubs! I don't understand...bunnies are soo cute!

We toured the Fort Riley fire trucks and ambulances after that. They thought it was soo cool getting to go inside and checking out all the cool gadgets! We then went to the pumpkin patch station to paint our own pumpkins. The lady allotted us three pumpkins because every military child gets one. It ended up being the worst idea that day. Painting the pumpkins was fun and all but trying to get the kids to take it to the main table to dry so we could pick it up before we left was ridiculous. I couldn't carry all three of the pumpkins with Ezrah, so Judah and Micah ended up getting paint all over their new clothes from the Gap. I literally just bought them the day before and now they're ruined. I still haven't been able to remove the paint from their clothes. So sad. Also, with the pumpkins I got impatient because the kids weren't helping me much and the place was soo crowded that I just threw all three pumpkins into the bottom of the stroller...and yes I got paint on my stroller too and that isn't coming off either. I heard a mom say to her kids, to pick out their pumpkin so that they can take it home and paint them there...WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!?!? Oh well. You live and you learn, right?

After that whole mess, we were all hungry so we went to the food tents...and their was a lot of food you guys! I wanted to get a turkey leg because those are seriously the best! but unfortunately, they ran out by the time I got there. Judah and Micah were pretty much begging for pizza, so I got them pizza. And I settled for a delicious brat and some chips. We also got some Baskin Robins ice-cream! We seriously chowed down on our food while waiting in the lines because they were soo long. 

So, the main reason they call it Fall Apple Day is because they make a gajillion home-made apple pies, freeze them, and sell them at this festival. Let me tell you...they are magnifico! So much yum in a single bite! You can't go to Fall Apple Day and not buy a frozen just can't. It's in humane.

Also at this festival, but not pictured, were many military vehicles like humvees and tanks that the kids could all get in and explore! And there was a huge field where adults and the youngsters could shoot some type of gun (i'm bad with gun names. hehe) with the supervision and help of many military men and there parents. And then there were the many many tents full of arts and crafts that people sell around the area! I, for obvious reasons, didn't look around this time because the kids were getting cranky and it got really hot and we were all sweating and the boys were wearing sweaters. I feel dumb for not bringing t-shirts for them to change in to. So we called it a day and went home with our cool tool boxes, our awesome fire truck hats, our painted pumpkins, and our frozen delicious apple pie. :)
Oh and I got up early on Monday and captured this breath taking sunrise. ♥♥♥
Happy Wednesday!