Monday, September 7, 2015

Conversations With Judah and Micah

(While reading an ABC book)
Me: So what does N stand for again?
Judah: (ughhh..) Mom...this is soo boring for me! (continues to shake head and roll his eyes)

Judah: (using his hulk voice) I put underwear on!! shoes on!! pants on!! shorts ooonnn!!! hahaha mom, I so funny. (continues to laugh at himself.)

Judah: Micah!!! Come here! I make bed for you! Looky here! (smoothes out the spot and pats down the covers he made for Micah) Soo comfy and cozy.

Judah: (talking to daddy) Scoot over bro! (Me and Evan could not stop laughing!)

Judah: (Talking to Micah) Get out of here you cricket!

(After gettting Judah dressed for VBS) Ohhh mommy! I look style! (stylish) I goin go show daddy!

Judah: Mommy, I think you really pretty. I love you. (he's always telling me how beautiful he thinks I am everyday. I love love love it!)

While reading Dr. Suess's ABC's...
Me: barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee. (has picture of the bumblee)
Micah: That's not bumbee. That's buhhfly.
Me: I'm pretty sure a butterfly doesn't have a needle that stings you.
Micah: Yup that's buhhfly.

Micah: Juwah,come dowstairs.
Judah: No Micah, I can't. I'll fall downstairs and lose tooth right here and get hurt really bad.

Judah: I'm Batman.
Me: Oh yea?
Judah: Yea! I fight bad guys and punch them like this and like this and like that because that's how Batman doos! (Laughing Crying Face Emoji)

Judah: Mom...
Me: Yes sweety?
Judah: Is Jesus in my heart?
Me: of course he is! If you want him there.
Judah: yea I does. Like John 3:16? (totally surprised me when he said that!) We learned that in Bible school.
Me: umm sort of. (then I read to him what John 3:16 says and gave him a little lesson on it. It was great.)

Me to Micah while filling out a questionnaire for preschool: Are you a boy or a girl?
Micah: I superman boy!
Me: So you're a boy?
Micah: no, I superman boy!