Saturday, August 22, 2015

St. Louis, Family, Pizza, and City Gardens

Saturday morning before we headed to St. Louis, I went to the Farmers Market in downtown Cape Girardeau with my mom and our friend Esther. We bought some coffee and looked around the farmer's market for a bit and then bought some delicious breakfast there. I don't remember the name of the food stand but the chef there cooks fast! We got to watch him make our breakfast and it was good! I got a pancake breakfast taco. I've never had one before but I made one for the family when we got back to Kansas. YUMMY! Also, there's this girl there who makes homemade lemonade. I got the strawberry kiwi lemonade...that was some of the best lemonade I've ever tasted. It was DELICIOUS! (on a side note. My friend posted a meme about how she'll pay $40 for food but not for a shirt. Which got me, I must love food more than I love clothes! Because I spend way more money on food than I do clothes! So crazy. A good crazy, I should say. haha)
All of this happened literally like two weeks ago. I'm just really slow at blogging about all of my adventures on here, not that I have many but when I do I like to take my time... Truth is, I was sick all of the week before last, and meanwhile I got stuck watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and even though I've seen it all before, I can't help myself because the show is just so darn good! I can't stop! I even stopped watching the novela that I was stuck on for a while to watch Gilmore Girls! haha!

Anyways, that was probably a little bit off topic. When I ramble, my writing ends up looking like all of my rough drafts for my essays; all over the place, and then I have to rewrite it all in order so that it actually makes sense. 

Okay so, during our last days of leave we went to St. Louis to visit my Aunt Dawn. The first thing we did was go out to eat, and we obviously all decided on pizza because c'mon! Who doesn't love pizza!? We went to one of the top ten pizza places in St. Louis and it was soo good. Soo good. PW Pizza was it's name! They even tweeted me on twitter asking me what was my favorite pizza but I had no idea how to tweet back. haha is that bad?
Doesn't all of this pizza just make your mouth water? I think I might even eat some pizza here in a bit. gosh, I never get tired of eating pizza.
After eating at PW Pizza, we went to City Gardens. If you've never been, they have this amazing light up splash pad as you can see above! It was soo much fun! They had soo much fun! I went ahead and got all soaked and wet myself! Which was probably a bad idea because I only brought an extra pair of clothes for the boys and not myself. Oops, thus I was sick the rest of the week. 
The rest of these pictures were from Sunday morning before we headed back to Kansas. (Please excuse Ezrah's dirty food filled clothes.) His top two teeth were trying to break through while we were on leave and he was very cranky the whole week and especially that morning! But thanks to his Uncle Charles, who left the house early to get some things for breakfast, Ezrah was happily chewing on yummy teething biscuits all morning. He even ate them while we were in the car on the way back to Kansas! Those biscuits are lifesavers! There were times when I did have to sit in the back seat with him to keep him happy and not screaming. Traveling with a teething baby is tough! 

Besides the whole messy teething business, we had a pretty fun week full of fun!